Citic Pacific Mining - Sino Iron Project

Client - MCC
Location - Cape Preston, North West region Western Australia
Quantity of Concrete Delivered - 120,000m3+
Project Duration - 2008 - 2012
Details - MCS provided mobile batch plant operations, quality concrete supply, mix design services and project testing for all aspects of this $5b iron ore project, which when operational will be one of the world's largest mines. All materials provided for this project by MCS were tailored to meet the client's concrete specifications were delivered in an efficient manner which adhered to strict OHS and environment policies.

Concentrator Plant

MCS supplied low heat 32mpa & 40mp mixes for footings, slabs, pedestals and other concrete components of the 28mtp concentrator plant comprising of 6 mill lines, with some of the largest grinding and ball mills in the world. Mixes supplied were specifically designed to meet the client's issued concrete specification.

Power Station

MCS supplied low heat 40mpa and stabilised fill mixes for the 450MW low emission high efficiency combined cycle gas fired power station - the first of its kind in the Western Australian Pilbara.

Desalination Plant

MCS Supplied 32 and 40mpa mixes for the 51 gigalitre desalination plant that has a capacity of 140 mega litre per day and is the first large plant for a resources project in Western Australia.

Slurry Pipe Line

MCS supplied concrete at various locations along the 25km slurry pipe line, comprising of 50km of pipe line between the concentrator plant and pellet plant.

Pellet Plant

MCS supplied 20mpa, 32mpa and 40mpa mixes for the downstream pelleting plant, the first kind of downstream processing in Australia

Port Facilities

MCS supplied low heat 32mpa and a high early strength 40mpa mixes for the port and associated facilities, the first new port facility in the Pilbara in 40+ years. The 40mpa mix was designed to yield 7-day strengths in excess of 40mpa to facilitate the safe movement of a 400 tonne track mounted crane over the causeway. This was provided while maintaining a workable 140 mm slump with a dry shrinkage yield average of 500mn using low heat cement.